The Homecoming by Harold Pinter

Gremlin Theatre Presents:  

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter

Directed by Matt Sciple

February 5-21, 2010

The Reviews are in!

“the best theater I’ve seen in five years… a brilliant madhouse” – MNPlaylist

“biting and baffling, just the way Pinter would want it” – Pioneer Press

“deliciously vicious… well-acted… a serious (funny) classic that any good student or fan of theater should see” – Star Tribune

“It’s hilarious.  It’s horrifying.  It’s brilliant” – TC Daily Planet

One moment, however, stood out to me and it wasn’t scripted. Charlie (Charles) Hubbell is a well respected, very talented actor. He was also the ew factor. His portrayal of Lenny was, as one of my acting teachers used to put it, “lovely.” There was a detail to every move, every line, every sigh, every single moment. His monologue to his older brother extolling all the virtues of living such a high life in America was hilarious and beautifully played. But it was the actor’s unexpected stage business that has made me a fan.

At one point in the first act, as someone put something on or took something off a standing coat tree, a hat fell to the floor. Charlie did what any decent actor would do and didn’t ignore it; he acknowledged it and picked it up and put it back on the tree. But it was the way he did. He didn’t simply lean over and get it, he did the entire thing in character, but not just in character but with the same complexity of the moment that permeates this script and this production. There was meaning in the way he hung it up. It revealed to us his character, it revealed to us how he likes his home to be and it revealed how he felt about the person to whom the hat belonged.

It was a stunning and brilliant moment. It was an example of what truly fine acting can and should be.    – The Man in the Yellow Hat (Blog)

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