Charley’s Aunt

September 23, 2014/by myonan

Best Buy “Yellow Tag” (‘00-’11)

September 23, 2014/by myonan

My Life is a Sitcom

September 23, 2014/by myonan

Transylvania Television

September 23, 2014/by myonan

Auto B Good (Animation)

September 23, 2014/by myonan

Walking with the Enemy



September 22, 2014/by myonan

The Doyle & Debbie Show

The Doyle & Debbie Show previews this weekend! Join us tonight…
September 19, 2014/by myonan

Planetfall: 2002 Making-of Promo

It's fun remembering this gem of a movie we worked on years upon…
September 19, 2014/by myonan

The Choo Choo Bob Show wins Emmys!

The Choo Choo Bob Show wins Emmys for Best Children's Show…
September 16, 2014/by myonan

The Choo Choo Bob show wins Emmy for 2nd year in a row!

The Choo Choo Bob Show wins the Mid-America EMMY Awards/NATAS…
September 13, 2014/by myonan

Bikini Babes Steal Podcast… and Hearts

The Bikini Babes hijacked the podcast I was on!
August 28, 2014/by myonan


August 23, 2014/by myonan


August 23, 2014/by myonan

Science Pilot Program

August 23, 2014/by myonan

Fear of Girls 1&3

August 23, 2014/by myonan

Transylvania Television

August 23, 2014/by myonan

Landmark Credit Union Commercial

August 22, 2014/by myonan

Sprint Business Solutions Commercial

This was a great project that we did for Sprint! Directed by…
August 10, 2014/by myonan

A Tuna Christmas (‘03-’05)

July 23, 2014/by myonan


July 23, 2014/by myonan

Blanke Park Zoo

July 23, 2014/by myonan

The Choo Choo Bob Show

July 23, 2014/by myonan

Toro’s 100th Anniversary

I had a fantastic time hosting Toro's 100th Anniversary event…
July 11, 2014/by myonan

Cotton Patch Gospel

June 23, 2014/by myonan

EcoWater Live Conference

June 23, 2014/by myonan

Midwest Wireless

June 23, 2014/by myonan

Geeks Without God podcast

My appearance on a Geeks Without God podcast! Thank you Tim,…
May 27, 2014/by myonan

Enchanted April

May 23, 2014/by myonan


May 23, 2014/by myonan

Help me MC the Hell’s Kitchen event

You really should come down for breakfast on Memorial day…
May 20, 2014/by myonan

Walking with the Enemy write up in Star Tribune

Thank you Graydon Paul Royce. Here's a nice write up on Walking…
May 9, 2014/by myonan


April 23, 2014/by myonan

History of the Devil

March 23, 2014/by myonan

King Lear

February 23, 2014/by myonan

The Homecoming

January 23, 2014/by myonan


December 23, 2013/by myonan


November 23, 2013/by myonan


October 23, 2013/by myonan

The Gods Are Thirsty

September 23, 2013/by myonan

The Mystery of Irma Vep

August 23, 2013/by myonan

The Rocky Horror Show

July 23, 2013/by myonan

Titus Andronicus (1998)

June 23, 2013/by myonan

Titus Andronicus (2008)

May 23, 2013/by myonan

Walking with the Enemy released in US Theaters!

WALKING WITH THE ENEMY, the remarkable and compelling film inspired…
April 25, 2013/by myonan

One For The Road

April 23, 2013/by myonan

Cinematic Performance Panel

An interesting video of a panel on cinematic performance that…
April 22, 2013/by myonan

Trial of Osama Bin Laden

March 23, 2013/by myonan

We Gotta Bingo!

February 23, 2013/by myonan

One for the Road at Bryant-Lake Bowl

Harold Pinter's dark play subjects family to "enhanced interrogation"

May 25, 2011/by myonan

I’m Not Jesus Mommy

September 22, 2010/by myonan

The Homecoming by Harold Pinter

Gremlin Theatre Presents:  
The Homecoming by Harold Pinter
February 22, 2010/by myonan

The Midnight Chronicles

October 21, 2009/by myonan

The Good Man

September 22, 2009/by myonan

The Nihilist

September 20, 2009/by myonan


September 19, 2009/by myonan

Getting Into Character: Twin Cities Actor Charles Hubbell Makes A Name For Himself

By Aratee Martin
February 12, 2009/by myonan

Fall Into Me

September 22, 2006/by myonan

The Retreat

September 22, 2003/by myonan

War Propheteer

August 22, 2003/by myonan


July 22, 2003/by myonan


May 22, 2003/by myonan

Jona/Tomberry (Animation)

April 22, 2003/by myonan

The Monster of Nix (Animation)

March 22, 2003/by myonan

Ana’s Playground

January 22, 2003/by myonan

Memorial Day

December 23, 2002/by myonan
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