Walking with the Enemy

Liberty Studios. Mark  Schmidt, Dir

I’m Not Jesus Mommy

Vaughn Juares, Dir.

The Midnight Chronicles

Landroval Studios. Christian Peterson, Dir.

The Good Man

Maxwell Becker, Dir.

The Nihilist

Brenden Eddy, Dir.


Marty Doogin Arts.  Joe Dressel, Dir.

Fall Into Me

Indiewood Productions. Tim VandeSteeg, Dir. 

The Retreat

Darin Heinis, Dir.

War Propheteer

Killing Joke Pro. Paul Von Stoetzel, Dir.


CarschoolFilmorama. Michael Heagle, Dir.


Vandy Productions. Tim VandeSteeg, Dir.

Jona/Tomberry (Animation)

Supporting – Voice
Rocketta Film/Studio Rosto A.D. Rosto, Dir.

The Monster of Nix (Animation)

Supporting – Voice
Rocketta Film/Studio Rosto A.D. Rosto, Dir.

Ana’s Playground

Supporting – Voice
Eric Howell, Dir.

Memorial Day

Sam Fischer,  Dir.


Auto B Good (Animation)

Supporting – Voice
Wet Cement

Transylvania Television

Principal – Puppeteer
Gordon Smuder & Michael Heagle, Dir.

The Choo Choo Bob Show

Supporting – Puppeteer
Bob Medcraft,  Birdhouse Media

Web Series

Transylvania Television

Le Shoc – various
Gordon Smuder & Michael Heagle, Dir.

Fear of Girls 1&3

Dangerously Gorgeous Pro. Ryan Wood, Dir.


My Life is a Sitcom

ABC Family Channel

Science Pilot Program

PBS with Dublin Productions

Blanke Park Zoo


Midwest Wireless

Drive Thru Media


Drive Thru Media


Best Buy “Yellow Tag” (‘00-’11)

Multiple Directors


Stone Arch Creative


Stone Arch Creative

EcoWater Live Conference

Stone Arch Creative

Professional Theater – AEA

A Tuna Christmas (‘03-’05)

11 Roles (Aries)
Showboat & Pioneer Place. Mark Bergen, Dir.

History of the Devil

The Devil
Mary Worth Theatre Co. Joel Sass, Dir.

King Lear

Mounds Theatre. Matt Sciple, Dir.


Loring Playhouse. Jason MacLane, Dir.

The Rocky Horror Show

Riff Raff
Phoenix Playhouse. Jim Barron and Tim Lee, Dir.

Titus Andronicus (2008)

Bedlam Theater. Paul von Stoetzel, Dir.

One For The Road

Killing Joke. Paul von Stoetzel, Dir.

Trial of Osama Bin Laden

Old Arizona Theater. John Clark Donahue, Dir.

We Gotta Bingo!

Fr. Andy Duncan
Lowry Theater. Mark Bergen, Dir.


  • Upper Midwest Emmy Award

    “The Choo Choo Bob Show” – Best Children’s Show 12 and under. Best Writer. Performer / Narrator – 2013

  • Upper Midwest Emmy Award

    “The Choo Choo Bob Show” – Best Children’s Show 12 and under. Best Writer. Performer / Narrator. Politics / Government – 2012

  • Best International Short

    “Ana’s Playground” — Best International Short 2009 Foyle Film Festival in Northern Ireland

  • Grand Prix Canal+ Award

    “Jona/Tomberry” — Grand Prix Canal+ Award at Cannes 2005

  • Special Jury Award

    “The Retreat” short film —  Reel Frontier Special Jury Award

  • Boundary Breaking Best Short Film

    “Seeking Wellness: Part 2 Daddy’s Time”  — Boundary Breaking Best Short Film Sydney Underground Film Festival 2007

  • Audience Award

    “Seeking Wellness: Part 2 Daddy’s Time”  — “Audience Award” Filmstock International Film Festival 2007


Caligula: Actor Charles Hubbell is archly sardonic and wise as Caligula’s retainer, Helicon. Sam Landman internalizes a forceful and persuasive interpretation of the writer, Cherea. Both actors seem to be expending not a whit of effort, their performances are so natural.

Minneapolis Star Tribune

King Lear: “Charles Hubbell’s portrayal of Kent – who stands by Lear until the very end – draws particular attention for its range, detail and depth. He’s the most watchable character on the stage.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

History of the Devil:“Here he is played by Charles Hubbell, a thin and ropey actor who seems built entirely out of sharp points. He is a strong comic performer and … is capable of being absolutely terrifying when the need arises. There is a thin line between comedy and fascism, as Bobcat Goldthwait used to say, and Hubbell walks that line throughout this production–actually, and more properly, he prances it, dressed in black snakeskin boots and a series of ridiculous, immodest costumes.”

Minneapolis City Pages

Titus Andronicus: “Hubbell navigates this exquisitely, balancing Titus’ brute authoritarianism with the poignant naivete of a man unable to adequately interpret and adapt to circumstances.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Titus Andronicus: “Charles Hubbell was superb as the protagonist military commander who embodies a bizarre combo of authoritarian cruelty and genuine naivete and innocence.”

Lavendar Magazine

The Trial of Osama bin Laden: “Hubbell tackles his difficult role with a mixture of serenity and flashes of complex irony.”

Drakul: “As Dracula, Charles Hubbell is terrific, lean and physically powerful.  He wears the leather brilliantly and plays the count with panther-like eroticism.  Marvelous.”

John Olive

One For The Road: “Fueled by a gripping, frightening performance by Charles Hubbell as Nicolas [his] sharp, gaunt features turn Nicolas into a specter of death…”

Ed Huyuck


“Charles is but one of a handful of actors I’ve had the pleasure to work with that draws depth and real character soul from the two dimensional words on the script. Charles’s performance had me saying “Man, did I make a great casting decision” throughout our film.”

Ryan WoodFear of Girls

Not only is Charles a prodigiously versatile actor–able to master any dialect I’ve ever heard him try, pull off rapid multiple character changes with ease, find both humor and humanity in even the darkest moments, and improvise inspired choices on a dime–he is also a gracious and adaptable collaborator. Lenny in Harold Pinter’s The Homecoming is one of the most difficult characters in modern theater, and Charles nailed every crazy beat, turning in a brilliantly controlled, tour-de-force performance that still managed to be open and generous to his partners onstage. Hire this man!

Matt ScipleDirectorGremlin Theatre

“To work with Charles was just a blessing.”

Christian PetersonThe Midnight Chronicles

“He’s just so incredibly creative. We found out very early on that he has a lot of characters in his head and he can take direction like a dream.”

Peta BarrettNUTS Talent AgencyNUTS